Who We Are

Leaders in Podiatry.
Exemplars of Excellence.

Bradley Bakotic, DO, DPM and Jody Hackel, MD, co-founders and previously the thought leaders behind the nation’s pre-eminent podiatry-focused lab, initially created and funded The Rhett Foundation.

With the recent addition of contributing founders, the core of the Rhett Foundation has been formed:

  • G. Dock Dockery, DPM,

  • Bryan Markinson, DPM

  • Annette Joyce, DPM

  • Joel Morse, DPM

  • Jeffrey Frederick, DPM

  • Michael Brody, DPM

  • Mary Crawford, DPM

The Inspiration

“Rhett” is Bradley’s Hungarian Vizsla.  Dogs never betray and they want nothing more than acceptance. A dog’s loyalty is inspiring and clearly the Rhett Foundation founders have been inspired!  We have collectively enjoyed extraordinary careers in association with the podiatric profession. We believe in giving back… it’s as simple as that!

Where It’s Taking Us

The Rhett Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of podiatric medial education. Our projects include financial support of podiatric associations and schools, providing educational grants to support CME education, sponsoring and working with the podiatric organizations to develop better podiatric dermatology content, funding scientific research, and providing educational materials to students and residents.

The Rhett Foundation will be publishing a comprehensive textbook on podiatric dermatology as well as developing a dermatology learning center that will be welcome to both residents and clinicians.

What We’ve Done in Just a Few Months

  • $100,000 to Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine for various initiatives including the refurbishment of the school’s study lounge
  • Complimentary, high-quality dermatology textbooks given to third-year podiatric residents nationwide
  • $200,000 to the New York College of Podiatric Medicine for the refurbishment and naming of two Rhett Foundation Lecture Halls

We’re Happy to Say…

“This is Only The Beginning!”