Giving Back.

The Rhett Foundation was founded in 2017 by Bradley Bakotic DO, DPM and Jody Hackel, MD for the Advancement of Podiatric Medical Education and as a means to give back to the underserved world of lower extremity dermatology education.

As a podiatrist and dermatopathologist, Dr. Bakotic’s philanthropic spirit and lifelong enthusiasm toward diagnosing skin disease has motivated his charitable gift of over 2 million dollars to the profession of podiatry.

The Foundation began its groundbreaking efforts over the past year by supporting podiatric medical schools with endowments for building funds and scholarships, as well as through making dermatology textbooks available for all 3rd year residents at no cost. The Rhett Foundation has provided unrestricted educational grants for dermatology tracks at the APMA, The Podiatry Institute, Midwest, IFAF, as well as regional meetings.

The Rhett Foundation works closely with key opinion leaders in podiatry including its contributing founders: G. Dock Dockery, DPM Bryan Markinson, DPM, Annette Joyce, DPM, Joel Morse, DPM, Jeffrey Frederick, DPM, Michael Brody, DPM, and Mary Crawford, DPM.

A Message From Our Founder – Bradley Bakotic, DPM, DO

I, and the co-founder of Bako, Jody Hackel, M.D., have established a foundation that we have designated the Rhett (yes my dog) Foundation for the Advancement of Podiatric Medical Education. Because the podiatric community has largely held within it our friends and family for over a decade, and we will forever be indebted to that profession for its support throughout the years. To get the “paying forward” mindset underway, we have initially funded the Rhett Foundation with 2 million dollars.

What will we be doing? We will be authoring a comprehensive textbook on the topic of podiatric dermatology. We will share with podiatric clinicians our interesting cases and professional experiences through publications, and CME lectures throughout the nation, with benefit of self-funded educational grants.

We will sponsor various educational events and institutions, as we always have. We will work with regional and National organizations to develop better focus on podiatric dermatology, and easier accessibility to information that can guide professionals in the management of their patients. We will develop a dermatology learning center, which as a purely academic institution with no business interests, can welcome both residents, and practicing clinicians, to our facility to gain dermatology insights that will ultimately help in the care of their patients, and save lives. We hope that patients of all podiatric clinicians will benefit in some way from our various initiatives. Doctors, this will be our second chapter, and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

Why Rhett?

Foremost, because I adore my only son… my dog Rhett, a Hungarian Vizsla. In a broader, and more symbolic sense, we gave it this designation because we know a person’s canine can be their most trusted companion. Dogs love unconditionally, and desire nothing more than to be “accepted”. Even the smallest teacup purebred will gladly give their life to defend their “master”. Most importantly, “man’s best friend” doesn’t understand greed or power, when it comes to those who have shown them commitment and love, rather, they appreciate what they are given.

This foundation is uniformly dedicated to showing appreciation to a profession that throughout the years has shown humbling support for both me and my Bako co- founder Jody Hackel, MD. We’ve allocated our assets to ensure that the “The Rhett Foundation” will not just be a top National advocate of podiatric education now, but it will live into perpetuity for the benefit of the podiatric profession.



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